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Does your ED want to get in the fast lane on stroke codes?

DALLAS – June 20, 2017 – The Lone Star Stroke Consortium is seeking additional partners for our NAS-Care Study, a quality improvement project that aims to improve stroke care throughout the state of Texas. We want emergency departments to test our stroke protocol that empowers nurses in stroke codes.

The goal of NAS-Care is to empower ED nurses to be engaged leaders in the stroke code process. Part of this empowerment means the nursing staff activates stroke codes, performs standing orders, and works in parallel to quickly and efficiently accomplish a common goal – to gather all information needed to make a tPA decision as quickly as possible.

Although medical decision-making ultimately lies with physicians (both ED and stroke specialists), this protocol purposefully de-emphasizes the role of physicians and providers as gatekeepers of each step of the acute stroke code process.

If you want more information, contact Michelle Provencher, RN, BSN, MS, LSS Program Coordinator, by sending an email to